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Welcome to RockStars' Aussies! 

About Us-
RockStars' is run by the Starritt family. We are a Christian family living in the beautiful Sandhills of northwestern Cherry County, Nebraska. Cherry county is the number one cow county in the US! Our dogs are really a part of the family, but we also use our dogs on the ranch, which runs primarily angus bred cows and has a heifer development program.
We are originally from New Mexico, however we much prefer the cooler Nebraska climate, and  enjoy the winter snows. Brittany initially fell in love with Aussies while spending time with Curt and Susan, on the Boyd Ranch of NM. She married Lee in 2010 and they now have a daughter named Sammie, who is quite a little hand and just as in love with the aussies as her parents. Lee and Brittany have been raising Aussies ever since they married, and are passionate about continuing on this incredible breed!  
We like a dog that will work both ends, heels and head, has plenty of grit and the ability to "just be". One of the things that we love about the Aussies is their versatility. They're an athletic breed that love to go and will put their heart into whatever they do, but they also have a stop and chill factor, that some other working breeds are lacking. These dogs are outgoing, social, very loyal and devoted to "their people". There really is an aussie to fit just about any one and any situation. We love that our lines produce a well rounded dog and take pride in the fact that we have dogs in varying home types and lifestyles across the United States! 
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